Ink Hunter Easy Plus

Ink Hunter Easy Plus


  • Laser type: Nd:Yag Q-Switch with KTP filter
  • Wavelength: 1064nm & 532nm.
  • Pulse length: 5-8ns.
  • Pulse frequency: From 1 to 5 pulses/second.
  • Energy: 100-650mj
  • Spot size: 1-6 mm
  • Screen: Blue color with buttons.
  • Aiming Beam: Yes
  • Cooling system: Water-cooled with radiator and fan.
  • Power supply: Single-phase 110V/220V, 10A, 50/60HZ
  • Dimensions: 36,5x32x38,5cm.
  • CE compliant


What is Laser Ink Hunter Easy and what is it for?

The new Master Hunter Ink is a cosmetic laser Nd: YAG Q-Switched with a wavelength of 1064nm ideal for the removal of black ink into the skin. It also has a filter KTP to affect a wider range of colors and can remove up red, blue and brown, depending on its intensity.

How it works

The laser energy is focused on the points of the skin where there is ink and after choosing a suitable filters and power projects in the skin. The pigments absorb energy and breaking the capsule burst where the ink. The remnants of pigments that have returned to be free in the body is removed by the lymphatic system.

After a reasonable time (minimum 2 months) Repeat with more power. It will take 1 or 2 sessions to leave the skin ready to return to be tattooed (cover up) and a complete elimination from 3 times. We insist that the number of sessions will vary from case to case, so that we can not guarantee a result by the number of sessions.

Skin marked? Does it burn?

Definitely NO*. The basic principle is based on the Ink Hunter cosmetic laser emits a beam of light at high speed (5-8 nanoseconds), so there is no time to skin absorb enough energy to burn. For example it's like passing the flame of a lighter under the hand quickly, if at all we would burn more slowly.

* As long as you perform a correct handling.

How many sessions I can remove a tattoo?

Always depend on the ink density, age of tattoo, where is the depth of pigment type and color. It should be highlighted in colors like yellow or green is the number of repetitions can be extended much longer and we can not get optimal results. If we were to indicate an average can say that we will need about 6 sessions with a tattoo not very complicated. This will depend on the laser power we use.

How important is energy that has the laser?

Yes, especially for second session when the pigment is a bit weaker and can absorb the energy that is not as high. At that moment is when having a laser as the model "Ink Hunter" will be basic.

Does it make a subsequent therapy session?

The results speak for themselves, regeneration observed during the first days by customers who received a therapy session is much faster than those without. This is because it is a cold light that stimulates cell regeneration with a wavelength of 650 nm.

We strongly recommend its use even to apply after any work that may have damaged the skin like a tattoo or micro pigmentation.

How do we manage appointments?

Laserlight now included in the model offers Master and Standard program management appointments, including a section for arranging the appointments before applying a session, customer history, the laser settings used in previous sessions and all together integrated into your computer to issue mandatory informed consent sheets.

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